Conservatory Craftsmen

Conservatory Craftsmen Construct French-inspired Glass house for Arboretum Flower Show

Who are the Conservatory Craftsmen?

"Our history is written every day, with every job we finish and every customer we work with."

Minnesota is where Conservatory Craftsmen have their headquarters, but our Midwestern attitude comes with us all over the world. Our warm, personal approach to each project serves to create a space that you love to live in. We have the experience and confidence to use our time efficiently, to ensure you have a stress free experience.

Our founder Jim Hewitt has been in the conservatory business for over 30 years.  In 2001 he decided to finally open his own business and that’s when when Conservatory Craftsmen was officially born. Soon after, his son Mike followed in his footsteps, and then his daughter Evan did as well. After that, everyone we’ve brought into the company has had a very strong background of experience that enriches our company and gives our clients access to a much broader range of knowledge.

From coast to coast, we’ve worked with clients across the United States. We’ve worked on restoration jobs for existing conservatories, and we’ve built and designed new commercial greenhouses, luxury greenhouses, and private home conservatories. We go to where you are, bringing our world class experience and knowledge with us. And the best part is, when we’ve finished your project – we don’t just cut ties and run. We are always available for questions, and we love to check back in from time to time and see how things are going for you.

This is the second year Conservatory Craftsmen have had a greenhouse at the Arboretum spring flower show. 

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